Best Non-Alcoholic Spirits

Sometimes you just want to enjoy the taste of a spirit without actually getting intoxicated. Thankfully there’s a bunch of products on the market that try to imitate the taste of a real whiskey or a gin but without the alcohol, and some of them are actually pretty good! Check out our full list of non-alcoholic spirits we’ve reviewed so far, and stay tuned for more!


Ritual - Zero Proof Whiskey Alternative

Other | United States, Illinois

Rating:(4) -

Barr Hill - Tom Cat Gin

Gin | United States, Vermont

Rating:(3) -

Monday - Zero Alcohol Gin

Other | United States, California

Rating:(3) -

Dhos - Gin Free

Other | United States, Oregon

Rating:(3) -

Monday - Zero Alcohol Whiskey

Other | United States, California

Rating:(2) -

Ritual - Zero Proof Gin Alternative

Other | United States, Illinois

Rating:(1) -