What Makes a Texas Whiskey?

Wherever good whiskey pops up, you can be assured that an association isn’t far behind trying to elevate and protect that delicious concept. From the early days of scotch whisky and the Scottish Distillers Association to modern times, associations of like minded distillers have protected the uniqueness of a specific region. The newly formed Texas Whiskey Association is trying to do the same for Texas whiskey. But what exactly makes a Texas whiskey unique?

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Review: Simon Pearce Ascutney Double Old-Fashioned Glass

When it comes to cocktail glasses, I’ve tested (and maybe broken) more than a few in my lifetime. And while I do have many variations that I enjoy, Simon Pearce’s version is probably my favorite of them all.

Now, before we dive in, we should talk about why your glass matters. Half the fun of spirits is all about the experience around them — the craftsmanship that went into the spirit, the ritual of building the cocktail, and (probably most importantly) the visual and haptic experience of the drink in the glass. But even if you’ve got all these elements together, there’s still a distinct difference between an Old Fashioned in a red plastic Solo cup and one in a well constructed and hefty glass.

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