Review: BroBasket Ultimate Whiskey Sampler

Giving gifts for men is always difficult. There are only so many ties that I can buy my father before his closet is full. But whiskey? Whiskey is something that is widely enjoyable, has a great number of variations, and occasionally needs to be replenished. The perfect gift: something that they’re always going to need more of. That’s where BroBasket comes in with their Ultimate Whiskey Sampler basket.

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How To Store Your Traeger Grill for Winter

Traeger grills are a fantastic tool for the backyard pit master, but they also represent a significant investment. (They ain’t cheap, in other words.) So if you’re like me, looking at the looming shift in weather patterns and wondering how to protect your grill during the cold winter months, take it from someone who has done it wrong in the past and figured it out the hard way: there’s a couple things that could help prevent a painful start to next year’s grill season.

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This Weekend in Texas: Balcones Bourbon Festival

Are you running out of things to do during these long summer weekends? Too pruned out from floating down the Guadalupe? Hopelessly sunburned from hanging out at Zilker Park? Tired of dodging boats on Lake Travis? For those who are looking for a little variety, Balcones Distilling up near Waco is holding their first ever Bourbon Festival this weekend, and you can guarantee that we’ll be in attendance!

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What Makes a Texas Whiskey?

Wherever good whiskey pops up, you can be assured that an association isn’t far behind trying to elevate and protect that delicious concept. From the early days of scotch whisky and the Scottish Distillers Association to modern times, associations of like minded distillers have protected the uniqueness of a specific region. The newly formed Texas Whiskey Association is trying to do the same for Texas whiskey. But what exactly makes a Texas whiskey unique?

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Troubleshooting: Traeger Grill Won’t Power On

I love my Lil’ Tex Traeger Grill. The thing is amazing, churning out delicious meaty meals time and time again. It’s getting on in years, and after this latest winter, it seemed like the grill had smoked its last brisket. It wouldn’t turn on, and I wasn’t sure what to do. Thankfully, I’ve got it working again — but it definitely took some trial and error, so I wanted to share my troubleshooting process for anyone else who thinks they may have killed their beloved smoker.

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Special Event Announcement: Bar Takeover in New York!

Exciting news: we here at Thirty-One Whiskey will be taking over the bar at Alvin & Friends Restaurant in New Rochelle, NY! We’ll be there April 6th from 6 – 8 pm, holding court at the bar.

We’ve worked up a few unique cocktails based on some of our favorite whiskeys, including some local to the NY region. We’ll have live music, as well, and the culinary team at Alvin & Friends have whipped up some special bar bites to go with our drinks.

No RSVPs required, come for as long or as short as you’d like! For more information, leave us a comment or email [email protected] We’ve got a lot in the works for this event and we hope to see you there!