Review: BroBasket Ultimate Whiskey Sampler

Giving gifts for men is always difficult. There are only so many ties that I can buy my father before his closet is full. But whiskey? Whiskey is something that is widely enjoyable, has a great number of variations, and occasionally needs to be replenished. The perfect gift: something that they’re always going to need more of. That’s where BroBasket comes in with their Ultimate Whiskey Sampler basket.


The concept is pretty sound and well established: a basket of things that all go together that’s shipped as a package to the unsuspecting recipient. This version is focused on whiskey, for better or worse.

The basket ships in a cheeky box with gift markings on the outside.

Speaking of shipping, that’s probably the biggest issue I had with this whole concept. Since you are shipping alcohol, the recipient needs to be above 21 years of age, which means they need to be home and show ID when accepting the package. I didn’t have much of an issue with this since I use a PO box for my deliveries, but if you have this delivered to your house and you’re not there when it shows up, it might take some extra steps to retrieve it from the local distribution center. Not exactly convenient.

Inside the box, the basket itself is sealed in a red Mylar bag, which makes sense as it would keep the liquid form spilling out onto other packages should any of the bottles rupture. That bag is held in place by some expandable foam to reduce the risk of any spills or fractures.

Once you open that bag, the basket appears in its full glory. The presentation is pretty spectacular, with the whiskey hot glued in place to keep it from moving out of place in transit. There’s some brown paper to fill in the gaps and keep things from crashing into each other, and there’s also a card included in the package so the recipient knows who it came from.

So, what’s actually included?

In the box is a selection of whiskey as expected, two bags of popcorn, some chocolates, and a double old fashioned glass. I actually really like the glass — it’s similar in construction to the Simon Pearce glasses that I normally prefer, but a little slimmer in the sides and with the BroBasket logo emblazoned on it.

Speaking of spirits, there’s 10 in the box. Five are proper scotch whiskies, one Irish whiskey, and four American spirits. The bottles aren’t big, but there’s actually a good bit of value in the spirits here — well over half of the cost of the basket can be justified by the spirits themselves. Add in the glass and the shipping and it’s pretty much a wash between buying it yourself and shipping it to a loved one. So that’s some good value for money right there.

Verdict: I’m a fan. It’s a good selection of spirits, enjoyable not only for experienced drinkers but also for the novice who’s just getting started and wants to figure out what they like best. It’s slightly annoying that there’s a requirement for someone 21 years of age to sign for the package, but there’s really no way around that without changing the law.

BroBasket Ultimate Whiskey Sampler
Price: $99.95

Overall: 4/5
A solid choice for those looking to send a gift to a whiskey lover.

Transparency Disclaimer: We received this item free of charge to review. We did not guarantee or promise a positive review, only a fair one. We do not have any financial interest in the company reviewed, nor did we receive any compensation for this review. Unless otherwise stated, all of our reviewed items are purchased out of pocket.


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