Building a Drop Front Standing Desk: Learn From My Mistakes

My wife works from home these days. She has her own office setup in our spare room, and while she has a decent desk, the lack of real-life interaction with other people means that she often spends the entire day sitting at that desk. She had asked me to look into getting her a standing desk of some sort, but none of the options seemed very appealing — either way too expensive or pretty ugly. So, overestimating my budding woodworking skills, I volunteered to build her one.

In theory everything was as easy as pie. We found some plans for a design she liked online (here from and I had most of the requisite tools already in my workshop (theoretically). But along the way I made three critical errors that resulted in an end product that I couldn’t even give away for free.

Here’s how I screwed up and how to avoid it in your next woodworking project.

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