Cigar Review: Corona Cigar Co Nicaraguan 20th Anniversary FSG Robusto

Recently, I was in Orlando, Florida for a work-related conference and had an afternoon to myself. I thought about going to Disney, but one look at the wait times for the rides (and all of the screaming kids) and I decided that a nice quiet smoke was the better option.

After a quick Google, I found a cigar lounge near Orlando that boasted its own bar and a large selection of cigars. Sure enough, I walked in the door to find pretty much every stick I could ever want at my fingertips. From Montecristo to Acid and everything in between — it was all there.

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Review: Top-Z Butane Insert for Zippo Lighters

Ever since they were introduced in 1932, Zippo lighters have been the most iconic style of pocket lighter on the planet. Not only are their dimensions just right to fit comfortably in your hand, but there’s something strangely satisfying about the click that it makes when you open the lighter. And of course, the nearly infinite styles and designs that exist to suit every taste. There’s just one problem: they suck for cigars. Top-Z wants to fix that.

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What Makes a Good Cigar Lounge?

I’ve been in my fair share of cigar lounges of all shapes and sizes. Brand new or centuries old, only seating a handful of people or catering to a massive crowd, each has their benefits and drawbacks. As someone who has helped design a cigar smoking lounge before I’ve spent a good bit of time trying to figure out what key features make for that “perfect” cigar space, and I think I’ve got it narrowed down to a handful of things that you need to hit to be successful. Or, at least, to keep me coming back. Read More

How To Choose a Cigar in Two Steps

Wine. Whiskey. Cigars. Three areas where there are so many different varieties and brands on the market that it’s nearly impossible to find something you’ll like. And what if you walk into a store and they don’t have your brand, how do you find something similar? Thankfully with cigars there are only a couple things you need to remember and look for to understand what you’re getting and find something that you might like.

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Cheap Cigar Tip: Buy the Store Brand

Cigars can be an expensive habit. You can find deals online or less expensive brands, but when I want to really enjoy a good cigar I know it’s going to run me north of $10 a stick. Which isn’t terrible as a sporadic expense, but doing that regularly can add up. Thankfully there’s a way to get your fix, have a decent cigar, and walk away with most of your wallet still in tact: buy the store brand. Read More

Custom Leather Cigar Smoking Kit

For me, smoking a good cigar is as much about the ritual and the environment as it is about the cigar itself. It’s a solid hour of time where I know I can just sit and relax, enjoying the solitude of the outdoors or the warm company of friends. So when I started getting annoyed that my lighter would go missing from its spot or that my cutter was making a racket in my pocket as I walked around, I decided that I needed a way to keep all the necessary tools in an easy-to-grab kit that wouldn’t also look terrible. Read More