Cigar Review: Quorum Robusto

I like good cigars. Who doesn’t? The problem is that good cigars usually cost a good amount of cash. Keeping the humidor stocked when the weather in Texas isn’t surface-of-the-sun-hot is tougher than usual, so I’ve been looking for solid options of a less expensive variety. When I found a brand of cigar available for less than a tenth of my usual afternoon smoke, I was intrigued (and incredulous) so I took a bundle home to test them out myself. Read More

Gin Review: Dry Line Barrel Reserve Cape Cod Gin

I’m a sucker for anything aged in oak barrels. My wife is a sucker for both Cape Cod and gin. So when we heard about South Hollow Spirits new barrel aged gin, we thought it was too good to be true. A single spirit that we both could enjoy, that had the complexity of a good whiskey and the fruity brightness of a gin? We needed to investigate further. And thoroughly. Very, very thoroughly. Many drinks later, I think we’ve formed an opinion. 

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Whiskey Review: Bulleit Bourbon

It used to be that Jack Daniels was the only brown liquor that was guaranteed to be in any and every bar in America. But as the number of people who appreciate a good brown spirit have increased over the last decade, other go-to brands have been making their way onto the shelves. Over the past few years, Bulleit Bourbon has been giving Mr. Daniels a run for it’s shelf space.

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