Cigar Review: Corona Cigar Co Nicaraguan 20th Anniversary FSG Robusto

Recently, I was in Orlando, Florida for a work-related conference and had an afternoon to myself. I thought about going to Disney, but one look at the wait times for the rides (and all of the screaming kids) and I decided that a nice quiet smoke was the better option.

After a quick Google, I found a cigar lounge near Orlando that boasted its own bar and a large selection of cigars. Sure enough, I walked in the door to find pretty much every stick I could ever want at my fingertips. From Montecristo to Acid and everything in between — it was all there.


What did I pick? The store brand cigar.

I can get the big names anywhere in the world, but this cigar was only available from this one shop and I figured I should take the opportunity to try it out. According to the shopkeepers, this was a cigar commemorating the 20th anniversary of the first custom cigar they produced through a third party supplier.

This latest version is a combination of locally produced Florida sun grown Corojo tobacco mixed with Nicaraguan components by Casa Fernandez Cigars in Nicaragua. The version I enjoyed was a Robusto size cigar.

At first, the flavors in the cigar are very light and pleasant. There’s a bit of hay mixed with a nutty taste in addition to the usual flavors of tobacco and perhaps a touch of cedar.

That flavor doesn’t change much throughout the cigar, but the intensity does increase slightly as the tobacco warms up.

Overall the cigar was a delicious light to medium bodied smoke. There’s nothing here to knock your socks off, but then again not every cigar you have needs to be a monster like the Liga Privada T52. It definitely beat the Disney scene, that’s for sure.

Corona Cigar Co Nicaraguan 20th Anniversary FSG Robusto
Price: $8.50/each (Robusto)
Available online

Overall Rating: 4/5
Smooth and delicious.


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