How To Get Whiskey During the Coronavirus COVID-19 Social Distancing Lockdown

I’m pretty lucky that I’ve got a good supply of whiskey in the house, a collection that I acquired over the course of years that will keep me in business for a good while. But eventually even my extended supply is going to run out, leaving me stuck at home and without a stiff drink. Happily for me (and for all off you!), there are options available.


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One option that I’ve been using is Their service is like the Postmates / Uber Eats of whiskey, allowing you to select specific bottles of liquor from nearby stores and have it delivered to your house.

The last time I used Drizly, I ordered a bottle of Evan Williams through their service and the only contact I had was grabbing the bag from the driver and letting them scan my ID for confirmation that I was over 21. It’s a convenient service that’s significantly less risky than going to the store yourself.

There are other options as well. As this crisis deepens, it seems like the politicians (at least here in Texas) seem aware that people are going to need a coping mechanism, and have relaxed the laws surrounding the delivery of beer, wine, and liquor. Here in Austin, you can now order a margarita from your favorite restaurant and have it delivered along with your nachos — and I’ve heard similar anecdotes from friends and family across the country. Supporting your favorite local restaurants and enjoying good food and drinks from the comfort of your home? Win-win.

For those lucky enough to be within the service area, Favor also delivers alcohol in some places. It may not be liquor specifically, but getting some wine or beer is on the table (pun intended) when using Favor.

Most importantly, all of these options enable you to stay home during this situation. Raise a drink to those out there who are out working in hospitals, groceries, and shipping, and don’t exacerbate the problem! When else will you be able to say you’re helping a national crisis by sitting at home sipping whiskey? And in the meantime, we’ll do our best to update this post with more options as we learn of them, so feel free to tag or comment your favorite method of obtaining booze during quarantine!


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