Pre-Order Available Now: “Le Petit” Cigar Cutter Knife from Les Fines Lames

Starting this week, the folks at French manufacturing company Les Fines Lames, whose initial product was a cigar cutting pocket knife, are offering a pre-order crowdfunding campaign for their latest version of their product: the Le Petit knife.


For me, a large part of the enjoyment I get from cigar smoking isn’t actually the cigar itself. I enjoy the tactile experience of smoking the cigar, but I also enjoy the ritual of preparing the cigar for smoking and the camaraderie of smoking cigars with friends old and new. Which means I place a lot of importance on the quality of the accessories I use, including the cigar cutter.

At the moment, I use a Cuban Crafter’s Perfect Cigar Cutter for my slicing needs. And while it’s nice that it’s never caused an issue at TSA checkpoints, I’ve always thought that a knife-based cutter would be a no-brainer. I tried the Xikar cigar cutter knife, but I found that the opening was just too small and the design wasn’t very handy.

I’d already been considering buying one of Les Fines Lames’ original knives, but when I heard that they were releasing an improved and smaller version I decided to wait a bit and give that a try instead.

That launch happened this past week, and is now over 200% funded on Indiegogo. From the press release:

Totally crafted in the capital of French cutlery, Thiers, LE PETIT by LES FINES LAMES is a authentic friction folder knife. Small like a pocket knife, its size is 4.53 inches and it has a 2.55inches non lockable blade made from 14C28N stainless steel offering a razor-sharp cutting edge. As a handy and easily transportable cigar cutter, the curved shape of its blade and the opening inits handle make it able to cut through the biggest cigars, up to 70 gauge (1.1-inch diameter). It completes LES FINES LAMES existing creations reaching the same level of finishes, and the perfect cut. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Man on the Moon with its 45K followers Instagram community, LES FINES LAMES crafted 3 unique versions of this new cigar cutter. In collaboration with the British company SENT INTO SPACE, these gold and diamonds jewelry pieces were sent into the stratosphere at an altitude above 22.4 miles, before coming back to earth. LE PETIT by LES FINES LAMES sales begin on the 3rd of September 2019 on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, during a one-month campaign. Available in 6 different editions with a new leather sheath handmade in France, its price starts from $119 with the sheath, and will be available in stores in 2020 from $149 without the sheath

I asked Les Fines Lames why they decided to kick off this new knife design with a crowdfunding campaign instead of doing something like a pre-order on their site, and their response was that while they already have all of the equipment they need to start production, they wanted to honor their roots. The company started in 2015 with a similar crowdfunding campaign to start production on their original design and they wanted to do a similar introduction for their new design.

The campaign is available now and runs through October 4th.


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