Zippo Releases Butane and Electric Inserts for Lighters

One of the most popular articles we’ve written is about this butane lighter insert for Zippo lighters. People love the form factor of Zippo lighters, but especially for cigars, having a butane flame is a far superior heat source than the oily lighter fluid. It used to be that you needed third party aftermarket parts to fill that need, but starting this week Zippo is announcing that they are making both a butane and an electric arc lighter insert.


From their press release:

Bradford, PA – Since its creation, Zippo has offered over 300,000 designs to customize the iconic windproof lighter case. Today, Zippo announces that for the first time you can modify the inside of your lighter too. With a new range of interchangeable lighter inserts, including a rechargeable arc and butane torch options, each insert in the collection fits inside existing regular-sized Zippo Windproof Lighter cases so you can customize your own portable flame.

Those seeking to express their individuality treat the accessories they carry as a reflection of their personality. As such, the trend to modify and transform products has become a personal statement: I want to use my products, my way, to suit my lifestyle. From the skate park to the workshop, wild adventurer to the urban explorer, the desire to upgrade existing products, rather than purchase entirely new ones, is a burgeoning trend that Zippo embraces.

This potential has been at the heart of Zippo since its inception. George B. Duke, Owner and Chairman of the Board at Zippo, mused in a recent interview while twirling a Zippo lighter in his hands, that, “…there’s a lot you can do with a metal box.” Zippo has a proud heritage as a design icon, having allowed fans around the world to express their individuality for decades. Now, with this insert modification option, the iconic American brand offers an added layer of personalization, allowing fans to adapt the flame for the first time.

The insert collection launches with three unique options: a single butane torch, a double butane torch, and a rechargeable arc available in mid-October. Each lighter insert can be refilled or recharged for years of enjoyment. Design is at the heart of everything Zippo does and care has been taken to retain iconic cues from the original lighter with the new inserts: the 3-2-3 iconic chimney look and the inimitable Zippo “click”, now a trademarked sound.

Lucas Johnson, Senior Brand Manager, Global Marketing at Zippo, said of the launch: “We have always been inspired by the trend of modification and the ways in which consumers design products to suit their individuality. We develop products that offer choice and freedom of expression and now, with our new lighter inserts collection, we not only offer design choice but also choice of function. One lighter, multiple flames, one iconic brand!”

The aftermarket parts have done an acceptable job, but I’m really looking forward to what kind of quality Zippo themselves can produce. The single and double torch butane lighters are most interesting in my mind, but for cigarette smokers the electric arc lighter has become a popular option as well.

Needing no fuel and rechargeable from just about any source, the arc lighter is a good option for those who hate using volatile chemicals to light their tobacco products or other flammable material of choice. The only issue for me is that typical arc lighters can’t reliably light cigars, as there’s not enough space near that plasma discharge to get the cigar close enough to light.

The single torch version is available for $14.95.

The double torch version is $16.95.

The arc lighter version is $21.95.


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